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Happy thanksgiving!!

Discussion in 'Georgia Tech Baseball' started by senoiajacket, Nov 28, 2019.

  1. senoiajacket

    senoiajacket Helluva Engineer

    Happy Turkey day fellow beesballers!! Only 79 days until opening weekend and I can hardly wait. I wonder when I should inform my darling spouse that we will be spending Valentine’s Day at the Rusty C this year!?!?! Any suggestions?
  2. YellowJacket21

    YellowJacket21 Georgia Tech Fan

    I told my wife it was a surprise date and have some friends watching the children.
    She was impressed I planned so far ahead
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  3. FredJacket

    FredJacket Helluva Engineer

    @senoiajacket Thank you! Great thread. I too.... am thankful for the folks that contribute to this baseball forum. Good info... and shared joy [& pain]. :)
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  4. GTNavyNuke

    GTNavyNuke Helluva Engineer Featured Member

    Suggest suggesting a spring weekend trip to meet up with some old friends. I started that a few days ago. And of course go to a few (three ) games.

    @FredJacket s schedule helps planning.

    Happy Thanksgiving. Remember alcohol and politics are great ingredients for family drama.
  5. eokerholm

    eokerholm Helluva Engineer

    Happy Turkey Day! Hope everyone enjoys this time with friends, family, or just you and the dog!
  6. Buzzbomb

    Buzzbomb Helluva Engineer

    Happy Holidays, Beeseballers!

    Must admit, all time low for myself going to home games last season(although will purchase season tickets again, to support the program)and need your help in evaluating if this next year will produce the same record? Or a bit better or even worse? Wondering if G.T. will have a decent chance to make the NCAA Tournament again? Realizing the pitching will be younger as a whole and difficult to predict. Will the defense be better? The offense? Or is 2021 going to be our year?

    Your Winter prognosticating appreciated.
  7. FredJacket

    FredJacket Helluva Engineer

    Clarification please. All time low? Number of games you attended or your experience attending? I assume the former... # of games.? Because 2019 was awesome!

    I'm optimistic about getting to NCAA tournament. I do not expect (still hope) a top 8 (super regional) type seed. Just need too much to go your way to get there. However, 16 to 18 conference wins should put us in top 3 of Coastal & comfortably into tournament. We won't play the best team in ACC (Louisville) in regular season which "should" be a help to the cause.

    Also... as a fan... if you're into the "journey" more than any perceived "destination" ...this year could be the beginning of a pitching metamorphosis with Coach Borrell bringing his pedigree to improve pitching. You would not want to miss that.
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  8. Buzzbomb

    Buzzbomb Helluva Engineer

    It was a great season, I’m not disagreeing. The losses to Auburn, especially that game that we had won, were during the disappointing regional. Not that we haven’t had “home” postseason disappointments before. I like the new pitching coach, hope we can keep him. A little league coach I had blew his arm out with the Yankees and since he froze me all three years at Pleasantdale in Dekalb County-I was thankful not to be a pitcher. We didn’t give up many runs, believe me. I’m hoping Borrell will emphasize throwing strikes.

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