GTWBB vs South Carolina, Sunday Mar 28, 1PM ABC


Ramblin' Wreck
In general, women’s college b-ball does not see a lot of lower seeds (higher number) beating higher seeds (lower number) historically, as compared to the men’s tourney. That has been my take watching both for years & years. I have always wondered if this is mainly about the talent drop once you go below the 1 & 2 seeds in the women’s game. Or, is there another element? Psyche of being a lower seed? Does anyone want to make an attempt at explaining this seemingly significant difference between the 2 tourneys? There are even way more close contests in the mens’ tournament between low seeds & high seeds.
The talent gap is way bigger in women's basketball. The very top recruits year after year typically go to a select number of schools and unlike men's basketball there aren't one and dones.
For instance South Carolina has 1 senior, 6 underclassmen(freshmen & sophomores) and has 4 Top 20 recruits coming in next year.
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Good season and good game. SC is not a 3PT shooting team. They pound it inside and out rebound everyone. They were 4-29 in the tournament from deep. They made 8 today LOLOLOL on half as many shots. Helps to win if you quadruple your normal percentage.

We missed so many shots from inside 3 feet it’s crazy. A few less 3s for them and a few more layups for us and we win by 10.


Helluva Engineer
Played the percentage game and SC answered. They shot their eyes out from three which they hadn’t done all season and that opened up the lane because we would bite on the pump fakes. This team will only get better with Fortner as our coach. Recruits should flock to play with her after what she’s done the first two years here.