GT - VT prediction thread


Ramblin' Wreck
I think the last time we had a home game of this caliber and excitement was either Clemson or VT of 2011. Both of those games our defense was flying around and playing way better than they normally do (particularly the Clemson game... should have held them to 10 if not for that BS non-call on the offsides that caused the fumble). I really think you have to factor in the excitement around this game and our team's attitude. I think they're ready for a blowout.


Ramblin' Wreck
ends of the earth
I'm gonna usual, I have no idea. But I think we come out hungry and hyped up and and get a good lead and never lose it. Let's go 28-17 GT wins. Take it to the bank....just don't cash it yet.

heeled soul

Georgia Tech Fan
i know VPI has had lots of success against PJ but they've been on a multi-year downtrend while you guys are playing well. i know i need GT to lose to improve UNC's chances of winning the coastal but i'm not convinced at all with this year's VPI team.

GT wins 24-17.