GT-UNC Post-Game Thread


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I didn't like seeing us down 20-7 but I did like seeing us come back and win a game. Last years team would have laid down and got embarassed. Great 2nd half by both sides and the coaching staff. Go Jackets!!


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Great team win...It wasn't a pretty one but I loved it. First time I in awhile I have seen so much passion and will to win from our guys.

A lot of players did very well yesterday.

Young, Attaochu and Thomas all stood out.

Nealy and Golden should be fine next week.


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Can we stop bashing Young and Jerry for their lack of play against crap opponents now? Young did a lot off the ball to cause their receivers trouble. Some of the stuff may have been PI, but no one is going to call it.

Jerry was murder on their OL. Anytime they didn't double him they paid the price.

Also glad Waller finally used his height. He could have been 3 ft tall for all he has done for us this season and had the same result.

All of our CBs have played great this year. I'm really excited to see DJ white stepping up.


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I rarely think about what coaches say before games after the game has happened but with that Sting Daily article about the defense, I remembered this AJC article:

Another challenge for the defense is the Tar Heels’ screen passing game.

“The No. 1 concept in their throwing game is the screen game, with the slip screens, the hitch screens, the jailbreak screens and all the gadgets that come off those, the double passes, the bubbles and the hitch-and-goes and all those things,” defensive coordinator Ted Roof said. “That’s a whole package in itself. That’s something that we’re spending a lot of time on.”



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I re-watched the game, particularly the offense and thought I would share a couple of notes.

- while there was definitely room for improvement, the o-line played very well- except for Chamberlain he had a pretty bad game.

- smelter and Perkins can improve their blocking.

- after reading some of CPJ's comments I thought I would have been disappointed with Vad on the option, but I have to say I thought he did pretty well with it. Some of the stops were the linebacker stunting and it not getting picked up by the o-line. And a couple of times chamberlain got whipped and that blew up the play. The read man on NC's d made it tough as well by the angles they were taking on the play.

So I not real sure about the comments unless he is trying to throw off VT.

I a also thought the running backs had a great game running the ball, they broke a lot of tackles.

I thought the D-line really played well in the second half. And I thought the DBs played well all game.


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I doubt CPJ is trying to throw off VT with the comments about 3-O reads. I'm confident the he and Vad recognize where errors were made, even though I (we) don't see them (errors).

You're correct that too many time UNC had linemen shooting gaps and blowing up plays in the backfield.


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I agree, I am sure Vad and CPJ saw way more than I did. More than anything I wanted to avoid people,not necessarily on this site, but people reading the comments and then jumping on the bash Vad because he struggles to read the 3-0 bandwagon.

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We need Vad to take snaps and throw passes with the Scout team offense and defense right before the game starts so that he's already 1 of 6 with a pick before the actual game starts.

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CPJ explained on the radio show that "we aren't really good yet at the option" or words like that means everyone on the offense. I am not sure why that is taken as "Vad is not really good at the option." He is a big part of it but still just one part.