GT - uga


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That was pleasant (to watch on TV...must have been miserable at the Rusty C).

Parr continues to improve.

I really think there is something to the whole "when the temp is cold the bats are cold" theory. Neither team hit much, and they gave us the game with their wildness in the 1st inning. College baseball is beginning to look like a game where whichever pitcher walks/hits more batters will lose...simple as that.

Now on the really important series against Maryland on the road. I am very VERY curious to see how this all turns out.


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Temperature plays a big part for us. When I looked at other teams, they scored about the same number of runs regardless of temperature. Last night there was a wicked wind too.

I agree pitching dominates the game. Next is fielding and then hitting. We have had a lot of great fielding plays that have taken away what would have been base hits in previous years. So the combination of pitching and fielding has led to:

"Tech has played 18 consecutive games of holding the opposition to five runs or less, extending the longest such streak in the 21 seasons under Hall."

In fielding we are 95th ( ), as with all stats this year, I think we have been a lot better in the last month. Plus this doesn't take into account the great plays.

UVa is #2 in fielding - so they have the pitching and fielding and are the best in the country ...... they won't give us runs when we play them........


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This was a nice win... We need to take care of weekday games from here on, and capitalize on the 4 of 5 very winnable series we have left. 34 wins got us into the tourney last year. We should be able to better that mark this year.