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GT Paul Johnson Radio Show 11/18/2013

Discussion in 'Georgia Tech Football' started by John, Nov 18, 2013.

  1. John

    John Peacekeeper Staff Member

    Will update with summary, live stream, and download link in this thread.

    Live Stream

    Direct Download

    These are para-phrased and I won't pretend to be able to para-phrase everything perfectly so feel free to correct me if I misinterpret something. The bullet points in bold are the ones I thought were interesting/funny.
    • Give Clemson credit, they made plays.
    • DJ had pretty good coverage on couple of those passes, thought one was pushed. The wide receiver looked around after the touchdown for flag.
    • No real bright spots, our guys competed. Disappointing when you get beat.
    • Caller Q: How do we create more pressure on QB? Was able to take advantage of young OL against Pitt and UVA. Gotta get more guys to the party aside from Jeremiah and get push inside. Not going to get to QB if they are passing quick.
    • One deep pass was because the CB and S weren't on the same page. Other two, coverage was pretty good.
    • Caller Q: Former GT coach practiced 2nd team and beat weaker teams and practiced 1st team for four weeks to prepare for ugag. Can we play 2nd team against Alabama A&M and practice 1st team for ugag? Answer: Not sure if 2nd team can beat Bama A&M. They run multiple offense so some of the things we'll see this week, we will see against ugag.
    • It's been a long time since we beat Georgia so there's nobody that wants to beat them more than CPJ. But this week, job is to beat A&M.
    • Call of the week: Robbie's 65 yard TD.
    • Caller Q: Preference to play teams like Bama A&M now or earlier? CPJ prefers to play all non-conference games in the beginning of the year. Might need to sit a couple of guys out on Saturday.
    • Not writing off Bama A&M, they have players playing on Sundays.
    • Injuries: Chase Roberts took quite a shot, still struggling; watched film with Chase and mom; injury may have been from a couple of plays before. May be a while before he returns. Godhigh was on crutches friday morning but better now. Shaq banged up and Brandon Watts gimpy. Sean Tobin broke his leg, out for season. Perkins, concussion, much better and may be cleared.
    • Cleaned up Clemson game today, started looking a Bama A&M.
    • Homer Rice's wife Phyllis passed away. Married for 63 years.
    • Audience Q: Best QB, RB, WR we've faced this year? QB: Tahj Boyd, might have been his best game of the season. Receiver: TE Eric Ebron from UNC. RB: Duke Johnson from Miami.
    • Coastal division situation is "nutty". No worse than 2nd, maybe 1st.
    • Audience Q: Parity in ACC? In coastal division, you'd think so but depends on cross-division rival. FSU and Clemson clearly best. Miami, GT, Pitt, and UVA only teams who had to play FSU and Clemson. When I first came to GT, coastal division was stronger division.
    • FSU vs. Alabama talent gap? Great deal of respect for Alabama and what they've done but in the limited number of games watched, best two teams he's seen this season is FSU and Baylor. Mickey Andrew thinks this is FSU's best team ever.
    • Baylor? Everyone talks about their offense but defense is really good. They "knock the fool out of you". Impressive football team. Big game against OSU.
    • After caller comment, CPJ responds with thanks, it bothers me when we kick it out of bounds and can't catch the kickoff.
    • Nobody is more disappointed that the kickoff went out of bounds than Harrison Butker. He's human, not perfect. He's a good player. Glad he's on our team, will help us win a lot of games in the future.
    • Caller Q: Which ABs are replacing Godhigh? Synjyn has done great job blocking. Deon Hill. Dennis Andrews if he can stay healthy wants to get out there. We'll see, hadn't thought too much about it.
    • Twitter Q: Anything defense does that stops our scheme? No magical way to line up. What's the toughest scheme to play against? Good players. Clemson lined up exactly same way as other teams.
    • Caller Q: How to prevent players from looking toward ugag? CPJ tries to be honest with the players. Told them that this week is about Georgia Tech. Bama A&M is going to be jacked up. When we wrapped up Clemson tape, asked players if they are satisfied with what they are seeing on tape. CPJ is not. What you see on that screen is what you are, not what other people tell you or who you think you are. Are you happy with what you see on tape? Can you play better than what you see on tape? Players think so.
    • Caller Q: Vad's 3rd year. Vad still looks uncomfortable. Justin looks more comfortable. Start Justin? Will consider but probably not going to happen. We practice spring, summer, then fall camp. Then play the guy that we think gives us the best chance to win game. Justin is a great player but things he needs to improve on: ball security. Justin is exciting player but have to make him more consistent. He'll be a good player. For Vad, it's much different if you're playing whole game instead of just in spots. Think back to last year where everyone wanted Vad. Overtime, this will work itself out as they compete. Justin will probably get more playing time on Saturday.
    • Bama A&M has two QBs with equal playing time. RB with over 1000 yards rushing.
    • Caller Q: Seems like we're not getting basic option down but when we started throwing, that opened things up. Why we're not throwing more early in game? Record is 6-4, lost four games. The four games we lost, it's the four games we tried to throw 22 times or more. May be due to us being behind but with personnel we have, we have to be able to run the ball to have best chance.
    • Don't want to come off as... we watch these guys everyday in practice. If we thought throwing the ball 50 times gives us the best chance to win games, that's what we would do.
    • Q: Perimeter blocking: is that any blocks outside of tackle box? More ABs and WRs blocking. We were doing better but weren't doing well on Thursday night. Had most success passing with play-action. If we can't run the ball, the receivers wouldn't have been as wide open.
    • Q: Guidelines on 4th and less than 3 yards: depends on how game is going. Seemed like every time we pulled within 10, they would score. Went for it on 4th because they kept scoring.
    Questions for CPJ?
    If you have a twitter account, use #GTRadio hashtag to ask a question. If you don't have a twitter account, post here and I'll try to ask it using the @GT_Swarm account (assuming it's a good question). No uniform questions please. :)
  2. AE 87

    AE 87 Helluva Engineer

    Ask him if Chase got his concussion in the 1st qtr. ... jk
  3. ToddM

    ToddM Guest

    Can't get into my twitter account, dang IPad iOS 7.0.4 sucks.

    Ask him why we didn't try to hit a medium range pass with Clemson crowding g the line like they did. Or maybe a more diplomatic way - was there a chance to hit any medium range passes or slants with them up on the line ?
  4. John

    John Peacekeeper Staff Member

    See the last two bold bullets above.
  5. ToddM

    ToddM Guest

    Thanks John,

    Don't know if I like that answer. It may be true as he would certainly know, but I think passing and catching would be easier to do than running the option with 11 guys on the line.

    I will have to think about that answer before I can decide if its more stubbornness or reality.

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