GT Paul Johnson Radio Show 11/12/2013


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These are para-phrased and I won't pretend to be able to para-phrase everything perfectly. The bullet points in bold are the ones I thought were interesting/funny.
  • Attaochu is playing really well now, dialed into it.
  • Other players? Jemea Thomas has played great all year. Euclid Cummings. Brandon Watts. Hard to single guys out, all had their moments.
  • Runs counter trey play which is counter to the toss when we think they are playing man or their guys over-persue.
  • Jemea named ACC DB of the week second week in a row. Very athletic. Changes direction well. Plays physical
  • Caller Mike: B-back situation in 2014? Laskey, Snoddy, and Conners coming back. Young Freshmen enrolling in January that he can't talk about that we think will help us. Depth-wise we feel pretty good.
  • DeAndre's 42-yard catch: wasn't that great of a route but heckuva catch.
  • 4-2 record against Clemson: had some great games against them. Don't see it as a challenge but more as an opportunity for our guys with national coverage. If we can win Thursday, worst we can do is be tied for first in Coastal.
  • Are we doing anything different to get more pressure on QBs? Not really. Mostly Jeremiah and Euclid has been doing well in spots.
  • Need to get some pressure on Tajh Boyd.
  • Synjyn Days have been doing a great job out in the perimeter blocking. Players taking pride with blocking.
  • Q: Is CPJ's wife a football fan? Have been doing this for 35 years, if she wasn't I think she would've left. She knows enough about football to be dangerous in giving him advice.
  • Q: How often do people try to give coaching advice? Everyday.
  • Q: Does BYE week help before Clemson game? Helps with injuries but players are tired of practicing and want to play games.
  • Lynn Griffin is fine, back in practice.
  • Out: Morgan Bailey. Bryan Chamberlain questionable.
  • Caller Jim: How do defend fake zone play where Tajh keeps ball for short yardage? Have to have guys assigned to both. We won't be caught by surprise if they run this on 3rd and 4th.
  • BYE week: early on you're doing more self-scouting but late in the season more time spent on preparing for the other team.
  • Caller Troy: How do you feel about Braves moving? Falcons? Excited, moving to Cobb county near my house. Considering selling parking space to supplement income. Seriously: Haven't thought much about it, sure they are doing what is best for them. Falcons, they have so many injured. Mike Smith and the Falcons have great coaching staff.
  • Q: Run defense? Setting edge or better push up middle? Both. When you're good first and second down against run, they don't run often.
  • Q: Attaochu's chances in NFL? Definitely, will be drafted. No question.
  • Q on defense: not going to change what we do. Don't give the other team too much credit until we play. They've got some good players but so do we. We've got a great chance to win there, not afraid to go there and play.
  • Proud of Chase. Braun has played great in spots, effort guy.
  • Q: Vote fot ACC coach of the year? Let the season play out but now probably Jimbo Fisher. If Duke can finish the thing out, we'll see but has doubts.
  • Q: Hardest decision CPJ has to make? Depends on game and situation. Something different every week.
  • Keys to game: Need to do better job taking care of ball and create turnovers.
  • Atmosphere @ Clemson? If they are beating up on you, it can get loud. If you are beating up on them, it's quite.
  • CPJ sleeps pretty good before games but doesn't sleep well after games win or lose.
  • Golden medical redshirt? Won't be decided until he runs out eligibility. Smelter? He'll be back next year for his last year. Haven't talked to DeAndre about playing baseball again. Have to sit down with him.
  • Likes the ball to start 2nd half for momentum. A bit different this year because we've done well on defense.
  • Proud of Will Jackson for earning Academic All-District honors.
  • Q: How do you determine who to play Sims or Laskey? Depends, planned before the game but if one gets hot they keep him in.
  • CPJ was there at the opening game of Men's basketball game.
  • Playing at Clemson twice in a row? DRad requested it before he left to try to balance the schedule but we tried to reverse that when the new AD came in but we didn't get it.
  • Fake punt by Poole running left: Designed run right but because of the way they lined up Matt Connors did a great job by checking the play and changing the direction. Poole had option to run or punt.
  • Short bus trip tomorrow? CPJ: We take the big bus. :D
  • Worried about players get too amped for big games? No idea, no way to tell in his experience.
  • Practice was not bad but "okay".
  • Don't want to get in a shootout with Clemson.
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Good show actually. Some good questions in there. Brandon and CPJ now starting to do more of a "rapid fire" social media Q&A so covers a lot more questions submitted online.