GT Home Against Pittsburgh, Sunday February 14th @ 4pm


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A fun time was had by all Jackets.

People will call me a "homer", but after this season, I wonder if Moses Wright has a shot at the NBA. He won't be a center in the NBA, but he's an impressive all around player.

Usher got a sprained ankle--hopefully, the trainers got to it quickly enough for faster healing. I doubt we'll see him Wednesday.

Everybody who took the court contributed in some way--it might be something that you find easily in the stats, or it might not be.


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I want to give some love to Sturdivant and Moore. Sturdivant has really impressed me this year with the way he finishes around the rim and his court vision. He's no Alvarado, but I think he is going to be a fine replacement next year. As for Moore, he really frustrated Champaigne and never really let him get going. He also hit some big shots today and showed some good moves with the ball. I'm really looking forward to him getting a larger role.


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felt like a little bit of a grind of a game. low # of possessions first half kept pitt closer than they should have been. whole second half felt like we could pull away if we could just make 2 or 3 shots. we didnt shoot poorly, but until mike and bubba hit those 3s in the final few minutes, we missed plenty of open quality 3s. and on the other end, that horton dude got hot and kept them close in the 2nd half when we were on the brink of extending the lead to double digits.

did not feel like pitt played terrible, but also did not feel like they played particularly well. except for horton shooting the lights out 2nd half. that combined with 2nd half capel going 23 zone in combination with a mix of hard 221 and soft/token 221. we had a few nice zone O possessions, but certainly those adjustments by capel disrupted us on more possessions (turnovers, poor shot quality, shot clock issues).

i did not focus much on champagnie, i guess bc he was so uninvolved. have to imagine that one key to the game was limiting his touches/shots. only 6 shots in 38 mins of play.


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Still too many random missed 3-pt shots ricocheting in for the opponent, but what can you do. Hopefully we can get some better luck against VT and Duke and bury them.


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**** the ACC.

Onwards and upwards. 3 days rest now. We have the most fit team in the league. Did I say **** the ACC yet?

I've been saying that for 40 years. We took South Carolina's place and have endured all of the reasons they left the conference--only we are still there. Our horrible post-Rice ADs have essentially locked us into the ACC--and then left us.

Homer Rice had a voice with the ACC because he used to be at UNC. Otherwise, we have been the red headed step child (no offense to red headed step children everywhere).


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I've wanted Moses to go at the rim with bad intentions all season. Like...defenders will get their arms broken type bad intentions. Saw some of it today, and it was spectacular. Posterize a few defenders and all of a sudden the conference post players will part for him like the red sea. :)

If someone has time, I wonder what our record is when Moses makes it to the line 5+ times a game. I'm pretty sure we have a pretty good record in those instances.

We really didn't shoot all that great...had some timely 3's. but for the most part average to sub par shooting: 47% overall, 33% from 3. Pitt actually shot better than us in both categories. We won the turnover battle 13-18 and as others have pointed out, owned the free throws. I don't know what it is about this team, but this is probably the best GT team I've seen in terms of creating turnovers. This game was definitely won on defense and free throws.

Alvarado had as many rebounds as he did combined assists and steals. He's become a definite stat sheet stuffer. Nice little bounce back game from the Clemson night. Sometimes we forget he's not Superman even though he's been playing like that since last season.

Devoe didn't have the best night, but he was aggressive on defense, and drew fouls. He was perfect from the charity line.

Moore just does good work with his minutes. Good defense, efficient scoring, and helps with the little things.

Parham as always with solid contributions, and some big shots. I think he needs to shoot more...he defers a lot. He's one of our better 3 point shooters.

Hopefully Usher's ankle is healthy. We need his energy and defense, and ability to keep us all on the edge of our seats!

Important win for us. We just gotta plow through the schedule and find a way to win our remaining games. I'll say this: This all could be a blessing in disguise come ACC tournament time.


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Nice gritty win. Fun to watch with lots of swings in momentum. Good to see us both make some shots at the end and also get credit for being aggressive going to hoop (foul advantage).

Moses is the obvious player of the game with 24 points but I would actually put Khalid as the player of the game. He got 38 minutes and it was obvious the gameplan would be that he was the primary defender on Champagnie. The leading scorer in the ACC got 13 points on 6 shots. Highly efficient but not enough to really impact the game. He was the one who I was worried about today. Kudos to Khalid.


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This was an impressive, tough win. Pitt is a defensively tough team. It was like playing a mirror image of ourselves. That was a tough matchup especially coming off a loss like we had at Clemson. Gotta give them credit. They held on a pulled it out. I honestly thought we were about to give it away again.
These next two are very winnable. BC and Miami are no where near the level of teams we’ve played so far. Bring the effort and energy to those two that we’ve had the last few games and we will win.