GT Fan versus pulling for ACC

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Helluva Engineer
Up here in Chicago, Paul Feinbaum (Alabama talk radio guy) called up the ESPN Chicago talk show host, Jonathan Hood and greeted him with "Go Dawgs" because Hood is apparently a georgie fan. Feinbaum then went on to promote a book he's working on for why the SEC is the best (read only) college football conference. It became pretty clear as he was talking that he was reflecting a culture which equates SEC and football in the South. It's one identity, being Southern and being an SEC fan.


Ramblin' Wreck
I went to an Alabama game in 2011 with a very good friend of mine who is a season ticket holder at Bama. The entire stadium was yelling S-E-C at one point, so yes, they do yell it.
I think LSU fans chanted it at the 08 peach bowl as well.


Jolly Good Fellow
Atlanta, GA
The u(sic)ga fan section during the '09 game at Bobby Dodd started chanting "S E C, S E C" after Demaryius Thomas dropped the 4th down pass, as well.

Having to walk out of the South entrance with their fans after watching the insufferable Hairy Dawg plant their flag in the middle of the field... that's the stuff of nightmares.