GT - BYU prediction thread

Discussion in 'Georgia Tech Football' started by Eric, Oct 10, 2013.

  1. Eric

    Eric Retired Co-Founder Staff Member

    Who do you have?
  2. Brock_Cocksure

    Brock_Cocksure Georgia Tech Fan

    35 - 17 Mormons
  3. BainbridgeJacket

    BainbridgeJacket Helluva Engineer

    27-17 not us
  4. Alexlongstride

    Alexlongstride Jolly Good Fellow

  5. bat_082994

    bat_082994 Helluva Engineer

    I would love to be optimistic about this game, but with how we played the last two games (on both sides of the ball) and how we played BYU last year, I'm gonna have to say the BYU wins a close one 24-21
  6. Hoss

    Hoss Jolly Good Fellow

    35-21 Tech wins
  7. Pj4prez01

    Pj4prez01 Ramblin' Wreck

    Tech wins 35-10
  8. gt13

    gt13 Ramblin' Wreck

    34-32 Tech.

    We have to win something... somewhere... somehow...
  9. ATL1

    ATL1 Helluva Engineer

    Clobbering 49-10 Mormons.
  10. SoCal_GT_Fan

    SoCal_GT_Fan Ramblin' Wreck

    BYU hasn't given up more than 21 pts in a game. Oppoents are avg. 17 pts/game. Their offense isn't exactly explosive but we haven't really stopped the run that well either so.........

    I would say we win 20-17 in a tight game where our defense and Special teams steps it up a notch.
  11. IronJacket7

    IronJacket7 Helluva Engineer

    I am not making a prediction because when I do it jinxes us.
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  12. IronJacket7

    IronJacket7 Helluva Engineer

    I will say this. BYU concerns me in one facet. Balance. They are run first yes, but they are not afraid to pass it either. Although they have not been deadly efficient passing the ball they are "willing" to throw the ball and this presents BALANCE. This is part of our problem offensively. Defensive teams know we are typically not going to pass unless we have to. The only times teams "expect" us to pass is 3rd and long situations, trailer with 2 minutes left in fourth quarter, etc... Balance in play calling is a huge weapon on offense. Its balance that presents the opportunity to be "efficient" in the passing game. For us I personally have not seen the balance since CPJ has been here and it has cost us a few games imo. Balance is what concerns me with BYU. As it does with Miami, Clemson, UGA, etc.
  13. AE 87

    AE 87 Helluva Engineer

    Yeah, I'm with you right up to the point of prediction. I just really don't know. Usually, my glasses have a fairly gold tint by this time in the week, but I'm not there yet either.

    Here's the sliver of hope that I've found: While BYU is top 25 in total offense, they've also averaged over 88 plays per game. They're actually 86th in yards/play offense. They're also 79th in pts/game which means that they're not really very efficient (but they haven't really played any patsies, MTSU the only non AQ team).

    Unfortunately, the reverse is also true on D. They're 24th in Total D but 12th in YPP D. By comparison, VPI is 4th in YPP D and Miami is 13th (after playing us). GT is 81st (20th in ypg D and after playing Miami).

    So, I've decided to talk myself into some optimism. We start-out like we did against d'oh U, controlled scoring drives. However, our D forces punts so that our O doesn't go into panic. They still force us to punt along the way, but we don't have the turnovers this week.

    GT 28 BYU 21
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  14. John

    John Peacekeeper Staff Member

    24-17 Tech.
    This is my first prediction post of the season. I didn't bother predicting before because I thought I would jinx the team and we were 3-0 to start. With the last two Ls... might as well post a prediction. :D
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  15. ToddM

    ToddM Guest

    42-24, BYU

    We still don't have a defense. We made LThomas look like an efficient passer and an ailing one legged Miami QB look like Payton Manning.

    If we attack BYU's offense I back off the score and put it at 24-21 BYU, but I think we will continue to play soft.

    Hope I am wrong.
  16. poodleface

    poodleface Ramblin' Wreck

    GT must have a passing game to win.

    The question mark is Tech's defense versus BYU's offense. After watching the BYU-Texas game, I am not very confident, but if BYU can lose to Virginia this year, then GT has a shot.
  17. OldJacketFan

    OldJacketFan Helluva Engineer

    Like last week, I am not feeling good about this game. Everything I see is on the negative side for Tech yet when this has occurred before Tech has come out a played a pretty good game, win or lose. Just to get a prediction out there. 24-14 semi bad guys (I can't really call the clean living folks in UT the bad guys ;) ). I would love to be wrong about my prediction!
  18. Sean311

    Sean311 Helluva Engineer

    BYU 34 Tech 17
  19. awbuzz

    awbuzz Helluva Engineer

    Heart GT 24 BYU 21
    Head GT 20 BYU 28 :(
  20. GTrob21

    GTrob21 Helluva Engineer

    31-17 Mormons.

    Our Offense is in a tailspin, and the Defense is going to get pushed back by their big O-line. I don't think they can pass as well as Miami, but they will do many of the same things.

    Vad will be visibly frustrated by the end of the 2nd quarter. CPJ will put in Justin Thomas, who won't do any better and before you know it will be 28-7 BYU heading into the 4th quarter.

    Tim B will get the call in the 4th and lead Tech to a TD and a FG, while our D only gives up a FG for a 31-17 score. The message boards will then catch on fire with all the people who claim they "knew" about Tim B all along.

    Coach Johnson will yell and scream and say how really their game plan was perfect it just wasn't executed by his 5th year seniors. All the time Roof is standing in the corner smiling because He knows He will be the next coach at Tech.

    So it is written so shall it be!

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