GT (-9.5) vs. Syracuse


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A few final thoughts
- What a relief. Really happy to see GT have an easy win yesterday. They looked like the team we expected going into the season i.e., disciplined and efficient.
- Proud of Jay Finch. He seemed banged up throughout the game and he toughed it out likely because of our depth issues. Glad he was able to take the majority of the second half off.
- Great game by the D. I thought our guys approached the game with the right gameplan and exploited all of Syracuse's tendencies and weaknesses.

Closing thoughts on 'Cuse for anyone interested in the reaction from the other side
- Hope everyone enjoyed the northern hospitality from 'Cuse fans and their team. The latter really made it a nice afternoon for GT (and me) despite the weather.
- There is no longer a QB controversy for Syracuse. The fans realize both are equally bad. Fans are convinced if Hunt is a 3-year starter they won't get out of the cellar.
- Speaking of their needs in recruiting, the biggest surprise to me yesterday was the relative lack of size across the board for 'Cuse. I knew their OL was smaller and we got the subsequent expected push from our own DL. That said their D, albeit banged up and using some backups, really did not show up as athletic as I expected. Always interesting when you see teams side-by-side like that.
- 'Cuse fans are afraid that the new coaching staff this year will return them to the irrelevance of the 2000's. In 3 of their 4 losses (Northwestern, Clemson, GT) they've been out of the game without hope by halftime. Take it for what it's worth... I think this means GT fans should make sure to take yesterday's win with a grain of salt/dose of reality.

Here's to taking care of business the next two games as we should.