GSU and a Little Perspective


Helluva Engineer
One question on the turnover. If the ball was not going forward or backwards, but straight down the line, is it a forward or backward pass for the purposes of rules interpretation?

What I saw from the times it was replayed was essentially down the line. So I expected the call on the field to "stand" and not be overturned. I believe the call on the field was a forward pass.
The decision is whether it is forward or not. If it is not forward, then it was correctly overturned.

Jerry the Jacket

Helluva Engineer
Chapin, SC
It was a lateral. An old football term that means a pass thrown sideways or backwards. It was ruled to have been thrown sideways. They use to call a penalty for forward laterals but now they call them a complete or incomplete pass depending on whether it is caught or not. They should still be illegal unless the QB is clearly in a passing position and not shuttleing the ball foward to avoid a tackle.

Go Jackets!

PS - If you are Tech fan why in hell would you question the call? Some of you cause me to scratch my head.