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Thanks for the sites- I will investigate.
Being in Texas I watched this year and recorded on tube. We were Groh very soft on d in first quarter, then gradually tougher in 2nd, but in third we blitzed a few times and played some tight bump and run. I will check records u gave me

In 09 came back for homecoming 40 = still hear yellow! Jackets! Repeat. What a game and down came the goal posts. Then went to orange bowl - I don't remember much about details except Iowa had a true stud on D line so we were one sided.

Per 5 Maybe this year we can start off games trying to set the tone on defense and find some young playmakers. In first 3 games we should play everyone we have on defense - and throw in the kitchen sink! Surely we can get some turn overs. If that fails we can go back to 8 yard cushions and 4 man rush and hope at end of game. Boring
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Imagine you are in sales. Now, imagine that in order to close a sale, you must invest months - even years of effort. Then, at the closing table, in walks the CEO who tears up the paperwork and scuttles the whole deal. What does that do to your sales efforts?

Now, imagine the CEO reconsiders and says to you: "From now on, if he's good enough for you then he's good enough for me."

I think this is dam-breaker for the recruiting staff.

Not a great analogy, imo. The problem with it is the CEO doesn't come in at the closing table. The CEO gives the sales dude a heads up that he can get only 5 exceptions to clients who don't fit the bill in terms of being able to pay for services long term. It is always up to the sales guy to plan in advance to make sure he isn't courting client's that can't cut it.

Looking at it differently, the exception thing isn't enforced on national signing day (i.e. at the closing table). CPJ is gonna have a somewhat early indication whether the guys are gonna qualify. If a recruit has an 800 SAT and a 2.0 GPA as a Junior, that isn't going to miraculously improve to an 1100 and 3.0 by the time he is a senior.