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Godhigh has the skills, is a player, and a beast on the field! His ceiling is definitely higher than his physical size.

He is 5 foot 7 and 188 LBS. Do you know how much muscle you need to be 5 foot 7 and 188 LBS!

Godhigh hits the seams hard and is willing to hit two large DB head on at full speed, and the collision results in a draw or they recoil. Everyone points to the Georgia game, but they all forget he caught the freaken ball and kept the ball despite being hammered. Godhigh was 1 yard from dragging 3 NFL defensive players into the end zone. Others perceptions of these moments do not define this man.

Godhigh has the most total TDs, 9, in 2012 other than the QBs.
He has the most YPC of the returning AB by 27% with a long of 37 yards.
Godhigh has the 2nd most passing yards and most receptions of any returning players.

The poor quality video footage is not worthy of a player like Godhigh, but this footage is the only footage I have to work with.

Enjoy.... I look forward to see Godhigh in action in 2013. Got to find me a 25 jersey.