Georgia Tech - Ole Miss in Music City bowl


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I think they will do a good job stopping our offense. Our D should be able to keep us in the game for the first half. Second half is another story. Hope CPJ can figure out something different to run against OM because we will need it.

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Looking at Ole Miss, a bit below the numbers from footballoutsiders:
S&P+ -- (success and points) opponent adjusted measure of per-play success based on down and distance and on expected points from yardline. The "+" is a drive efficiency factor.

By this measure, their Defense is 21st against the run and 22nd against the pass. By comparison, Pitt is 20 against the run and 25 against the pass; BYU is 16 and 28. Compared to Pitt, Ole Miss has been more successful in keeping teams from scoring, 20th vs. 39th in Drive Efficiency. This difference is also reflected in DFEI, where Ole Miss is 25 and Pitt is 44. This difference may reflect Ole Miss having a better offense (OffS&P+ 48 vs 67) resulting in better field position (though I would think that was accounted for) and more turnovers gained (20 vs 16).

By this S&P+ measure, their Offense is 62nd rushing and 46th passing. By comparison, Miami is 8, BYU is 16, Georgie is 27 in Rushing S&P+ (Georgie's score includes the games when Gurley didn't play). Closer to Ole Miss' numbers are Duke at 42 and UNC at 73 in Rushing S&P+. When it comes to passing, Miami is 3, georgie is 4, Clemson is 9, UNC is 18, Duke is 34 and Pitt is 66.


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Rated the 12th best bowl by Yahoo.

12. Franklin American Mortgage Music City Bowl (Dec. 30, Nashville, Tenn.) -Ole Miss (7-5) vs. Georgia Tech (7-5): Ole Miss has three weeks to prepare for Georgia Tech's triple option. That shouldn't be too difficult given that the team uses a lot of zone read concepts.

I'm liking that the underdog card is starting to get handed out left and right.


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We handle them but we have to play....They have good Qb and can score but they caught LSU by surprise so I don't put lot of faith in them.We should win.