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If you could pick our affiliation which would you choose? Why?

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Helluva Engineer
1. I hate the SEC chant and chest thumping of others riding on the coat tails of other teams.
2. We are established in the ACC and can get to the National Title game here just as easy.

In my opinion, I think the playoffs will start eroding some of the SEC power. Before, SEC teams started the season on a higher rung of the ladder in terms of rankings. They basically had a foot in the door of the BCS championship game if none of their teams lost two games during the season (though LSU did it in 2007). Now the "SEC perception" doesn't mean as much to a certain extent because teams have to prove it on the field via the playoff. That means there's now 4 total spaces for other teams as opposed to just 2 (though really 1 if you consider that SEC was annointed with 1 of the spots). True the playoff teams will still have to be determined by a committee, but there will be pressure for "equal representation".

The ACC is in prime position out of any other conference not named the SEC because of how rich of a recruiting region the conference is in. That's not just in football, but all other sports as well. The ACC schools can truly offer any recruit the opportunity to play for offer an elite education. The ACC produces almost as many NFL draft picks as the SEC, so if the ACC schools can improve on their coaches, there's no reason why this conference can't be as dominant as the SEC.


We were a member of the SEC from 1933 to 1964, 32 years. We have been a member of the ACC since 1979, 36 years and counting. Historically, we are now more aligned with the ACC than the SEC.

I voted ACC. I was born in '62 and started at Tech in '80. Having been born in Michigan and grew up in Florida, I had no knowledge of Tech's sports history before I stepped foot on campus. For me, Tech has always been associated with the ACC. For me, the SEC membership is just a historical footnote along the lines of Heisman coaching at Tech, nothing more. Anyone under the age of 55 will have no personal recollections of us participating in the SEC.

To me, the ACC represents college athletics while the SEC is more like a semi-pro league. I like knowing that the vast majority of athletes representing my school are truly student athletes. I like seeing some of the ACC stadiums that have an area where fans watch the game sitting on blankets rather than the larger than NFL-size SEC stadiums.

Finally, living in Gainesville, I very much dislike the SEC mentality. I do not want to be assimilated into that crowd.
Our history with SEC schools though goes back much further. All the way back to the old Southern Conference and before. Nearly 100 years in some cases.


Jolly Good Fellow
This is a long lingering question that will never stop being debated. Though I recognize the appeal of SEC football, I think the ACC is our best fit. It's still predominantly southern, but a strong focus on academics. Like Techster said, the ACC is more well rounded and has a good upside. At some juncture, it will become almost impossible to get a meaningful degree and play ball in the SEC.

That said, we need GT and other traditional ACC football schools to progress their programs and BEAT sec teams consistently. That is the measuring stick on the football field in our neck of the woods.