Georgia Southern -- Never again (or at least no time soon)


I read somewhere just after the game there was talk of setting up another game with Southern. I hope to goodness that never happens. There may come a day when this changes, but for now, I'd rather we not do this. As we have all seen, they are a good program and one on the rise, but the national perception is such that you are buried if you lose to them. Very little cred for beating them. Don't do it.
Sounds like you want us to hide from the competition that GS offers. We need more GS (or better), not less.


Southeastern Michigan
If we played that type of schedule, I would be much more satisfied with a 7(8)-5, 8(9)-4 season, if we were competitive.

BTW, I hope that was the euphemistic "you" because I don't think you can find a post where I complained about our record. I will say with the OOC schedule we have today, I'm not satisfied with 7-6 or 8-5. We essentially start with 3 guaranteed wins each year.

No, not directed at you personally :) just a little sarcasm........though I have seen lots of "fans" over the years that would do just that. It will be interesting to see how the whole "playoff" shakes out WRT scheduling. I have said for years that that for consideration for the BCS (and now the playoffs) that victories over FCS teams should be disregarded. Count them for bowl eligibility only. That would allow the lower 50 percent of the teams to schedule FCS teams and boost their chances for a bowl game, but get rid of the "in season scrimmage" that so many of these games are.

As for GS, I do not see a lot of value in playing them often. It does nothing for recruiting, the few extra seats sold don't do much either. There are plenty of non power conference teams that would likely love a trip to Atlanta.


Ramblin' Wreck
We should tie GSU to us as tight as we can. Play them every year, treat their fans like long lost brothers. Give them a home game. Make them love us. We already have a leg up with CPJ as our coach. They are a large and growing alumni base and will exert political and social influence in the state. We want them to come to hate uga and uga fans and love us. Same with Georgia State. We want both of them voting with us on the BOR. Almost every fan GSU gets comes directly from uga's base, and probably from the part of the state that has given uga the most talent in the last 50 years. A stronger program in South Georgia siphons off much more from uga than it does from us. GSU will drain media attention from uga around Savannah and Jacksonville. High schoolers there will be less likely to be uga zombies. uga will have to recruit South Georgia a little harder and might lose the good walk on or even a couple of recruits. uga has succeeded in making us appear strange to a large portion of the state. A good relationship with GSU would help mend that. Adding another sellout helps finances and recruiting. Sure, they will beat us in the future. But they will beat some other people, too.
Regarding the BoR:
At the time of that post, of 19 members: 11 had ties to uGA (50% +1.5 members), 2 had ties to GT, and 2 had ties to Southern.