General News about Key and his Staff

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Last one of those we got was Gibbs, and he left to Bama for a free Charger and some NIL money. We're broke and no one cares about us, it ain't 1960 anymore.
I've never said it was going to be easy, but I believe it gets done, we'll see over next several years. May be a little quicker than it was 10 years ago.


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A high caliber coach - of the sort GT used to be able to attract - could’ve built up the talent level by now especially with the portal. That excuse is dead now.

But the program was left behind in the money race - from various bad decisions many of which happened before Johnson - plus made a catastrophic hire. Blah blah blah not a lot of top tier people wanted to come - not that we could’ve afforded them anyway - but getting someone who could’ve rebuild to 6-7 wins by year three or four shouldn’t have been an insurmountable bar in a weak league. Talent was out there, Collins found some of it at first, but as the BS act wore thin so did his recruiting ability.

No, Johnson wasn’t perfect, but he was Bobby Dodd compared to everyone else running things football-related on the hill over the past decade. Why some folks insist on focusing the blame on the overall-successful coach who took the program to its highest high in 24 years primarily instead of the admin + power brokers + Collins?God only knows.
What you said squared.


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Buster Faulkner, synopsis after 2nd Spring Practice:
He and his wife Tia, wanted to stay in Ga.
Thinks he’s the luckiest man. Satisfied in being here at Tech, etc.
We’re going to establish an identity throughout the Spring on offense.
Still searching for that identification.
Style won’t be forced; will play to the strength of the team. Won’t do what they the players are not comfortable in doing.
He believes in the TE position for giving versatility.
Wants to control the tempo of the game, whether fast or slow(huddle or no huddle).
Object to get players in space to make plays.
Scheming will be a group effort, just as CBK has stated previously.
Staff has already spent much time aligning their vision(s) for this upcoming season.
Key & Faulkner both knew Jeremy Muyres who played at GT. Mutual connection point.
Excited for hungry players they have. Got size, speed; need to continue to develop.
Has worked well with Coach McKenzie before. They both love to teach.
Ready for the challenge here, after seeing what they did in Athens w/ b-t-b Natties.


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Garrett Riley? 🤦🏻‍♂️
The guy is the OC for a playoff bound team and going to be a hot name for P5 HC positions.
I am told the Clemson staff is falling all over themselves with his offense. Keeps it all in his head and keeps it simple. A major goal is to greatly increase the 20-yard+ plays and with the Clemson running backs a lot of two-back backfield even when they are slinging it.