Friday scrimmage


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Wofford's I'd guess. They start prepping for Wk1 once on campus iiuc. What did Chan do?
We never did exactly what's described here where the team actually broke into a white squad and blue scout team squad and had a scrimmage. If we were prepping for an opponent, we would do fundamental periods as usual, inside drill with 1s vs 1s, 2s vs 2s, 7 on 7 with 1s and 2s again and some regular scrimmage with 1s and 2s - all of this would be our offense and defense running our systems against each other. Then we'd spend a lot of time just scrimmaging against scout teams who were running the other team's stuff. The proportions of that depended on what day it was.

That's why I'm asking the question. This seems like a unique approach, so I'm wondering how it was done. It would make sense for the scout squad to run the other team's stuff, but it wouldn't make sense to expect the scout squad to be good enough at it to actually be competitive with the 2-deep squads. It would be hard enough to be competitive running our own systems let alone having to run a makeshift version of another team's systems.