Interview Francis Kallon #92 Defensive Tackle


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Post-Scrimmage Interview with Francis Kallon - #92 - Defensive Tackle
Q: How are things going so far in camp?

A: They're going good. I'm just working my butt off. Just trying to make everything positive and give it 100%.

Q: There's a lot of interest in the D-Line especially with all of the departures in the offseason. Everyone is expected you to have a big role this year. What are your expectations going into the year?
A: My expectations are to give 100% on the field, do my job, and win games.

Q: What kind of differences have there been from year 1 to year 2 with Ted Roof and Coach Pelton?
A: There's been big differences in the defense's mentality. It's more fierce now, it's more aggressive, and we're just rising up to the occasion.

Q: It looked like today you spent a lot more time in the 4-3 as opposed to the 4-2-5. Is that true just because you're playing our offense?
A: Yes, basically we're just playing against what we have in front of us. If it's the triple option we'll switch up our defensive play.

Q: How much have you leaned on Adam Gotsis? Has he been a good leader for you all?
A: Yea, he has. He has helped me tremendously to get better. Obviously being from another country it's been a good connection.

Q: How much prep have you done for other teams so far? Have you just been focused on fundamentals at this point?
A: Yea, we've been going through a lot of stuff and making sure we know what we have [going into] the season. We've practiced against the triple option and [prepared] for what we'll see this season.

Q: What are you weighing now?
A: 292