For this season to be a success what record do we need?


Helluva Engineer
Laws, you people are spoiled. 7 or better suits me. Why?

Because there aren't 20 schools in the whole country who do that year in year out. We haven't had a losing season in human memory. Does anyone here realize how rare that is? I mean, programs that regularly out recruit us (Texas, Awbun) have had lousy seasons within the last 5 years.

So, yes, I'd like to see 9 wins. Yes, with a little luck, I think we can win 10. But I'm not going to be bent our of shape with another winning season. I lived through enough really bad football at Tech to appreciate our present success.


Pretty much agree with everything Eric has posted. 8 will be a success but I won't do kart wheels unless one is vs the mutts. There was a time when I didn't care how many we lost so long as we beat them. I'm getting greedier as I age. Teams I hate and really want to beat...UGA and in line is VT. I like Clemson, good fan base in my experience but beating them is damn fun. We are due vs all of them...

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Helluva Engineer
Even with new QB and new starters at OL, 9 plus is success and less than eight is not good enuf for me. Still my attitude to CPJ at coach would depend on more than recotrd


Helluva Engineer
I have come to the point where I think we can win eight.I have come to the point of what will be do after next year ? Do we keep PJ ,extend his contract,or let him go if he wins less than eight ?Will we be better year after next that next year etc...all this conjecture really makes the decision tough for AD but we have gone from the mountain top in PJs first year to the middle of the Valley.I still think he will be around since seven wins seems to make many on the Hill happy.