First look at GT Hoops 2013-2014 Tonight


Ramblin' Wreck
Who all is going tonight? Kind of a weird change of gears from getting excited for football tomorrow but I really think our team this year could be great. I think we'll have one of the best set of bigs in the ACC in Miller, Carter and Kammeon. Solomon, Golden, and Jorgenson should give us a good rotation at guard. If MGH and Bolden come along like they should and evolve into our top scorers I think we have a pretty solid team top to bottom.


Helluva Engineer
Looking at the game stats a couple of things jump off the page:
1 - Jorgenson with 7 assists, next highest is S.Poole with 4. And this a guy coming off an injury that has sidelined him for a couple of weeks.
2 - Stephens with 16 rebounds, next is Miller with 8.

Presbyterian next Friday. UGA the following Friday.

AE 87

Helluva Engineer
Some d2 guys learned why they didn't get d1 scholies. Not sure much else was learned.