First encounter with a dwag


Georgia Tech Fan
Freshman year, maybe a week or so into the quarter. Was from out of state, so I had no prior experience with mutts. It was Saturday evening after the Tech game. There used to be a fairly low rent steakhouse up on Spring Street called Johnny Reb’s. A group of us went there after the game looking for a cheap dinner. We were seated and noticed a few feet away a guy sitting in a booth by himself. He was unusual in that he was wearing a screaming red sport jacket and he was face down passed out in his food. He would occasionally rear up and yell “Do it Dawgs” and then collapse back into his plate. What was really funny were the French fries and ketchup stuck all over his face. Apparently he had gotten drunk at the Georgia game that day and somehow found his way back to Atlanta. 😄


Ramblin' Wreck
The year was mid-1960's and my dad took his three boys to the Tech-UGA freshman game. I was maybe about 8-9 years-old at the time - my first college football game. They beat us that year and walking out a large human right next to me yelled very loudly, "We're ready for the varsity!" Startled the crap out of me. It was a very close, competitive series throughout the 60's and 70's, but UGAg slowly pulled away winning 2 of every 3 for the next 30+ years with a lot of close games going their way. That first experience set my feeling toward them and, coupled with all those "close losses" and the loudmouth fans that went with them, just made me really dislike that program. Then... Vince Dooley abstaining on the 1978 vote for Tech to reenter the SEC just sealed the deal.


Ramblin' Wreck
Bonaire GA
Y’all were lucky. Grew up in South Georgia. Surrounded by them and related to many.
same. everyone i knew was uga fans. although my best friend and one of our other friends ended up at Tech. none of them cared about the football team or sports in general even, tho they played football, wrestled and or played baseball.