Duke beats #14 VT


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Beat #14 VT 13-10. Crazy.

8 total INT, 4 by each team.

There must be some kind of turnover bug in the state of Virginia today.


Ramblin' Wreck
I'm torn about this result. I despise VT and I am a fan of Coach Cutcliffe so from that standpoint I'm pleased about the Duke win. On the other it hurts the ACC national perception and that, in turn, hurts Tech imo.
It's not that bad. Duke got bowl eligible with the win. They are an 'ok' team now. Logan Thomas was going to help 1-2 teams beat VT. Too bad that didn't happened to be us.


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A couple of things,

Duke is a program on the rise folks. I read that they are about to commit some major money to their sports program ( actually they have already added to their Lacrosse and Tennis venues ). In that expenditure is a football stadium renovation, new locker rooms and new sports training room that will be used by all their athletics. Of course some more money is going toward basketball but at that school if Coach K allows money to go anywhere else other than basketball something is changing.

Duke is 6-2 right now and the only game left on their schedule that I think they surely lose is Miami. Even with that they have a real shot at 9-3 guys, that's a better bowl than us. They just beat VT in Blacksburgh and last week beat Virginia in Charlottesville, a place we struggle. They have NC State next week in Durham, they should be 7-2 going Into the Miami game.

We might want to remember that when we beat them their starting QB was out, he is back now.

Watch them on the recruiting trail we are about to have more competition there.


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Duke is now marque win of season so far. Also I know it's not gonna happen but we needed this to happen to have a chance at going to ACC CG.