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............for the most part we all know what we are.

.................it's only a question of price. At least that's how the joke goes.

I think it was wise not to put the dislike feature in. Few like to be graded on everything they say in a forum which is for entertainment. The dislike function would change the dynamic of the board. Maybe better, maybe not. There is no way to know till you try it and let the genie out of the bottle.

Rhetorical questions. "What are the blog sites which use the disagree format and what was the change in the board? Are they similar in function to this site?"


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I would have implemented it if there was an overwhelming amount of support. The main reason why we haven't turned it on yet is because we didn't know if it would help the community or hurt the community.

The internal discussion started in early January when all hell was breaking loose if anyone remembers. :whistle:

Discussions have gotten significantly better since then so I don't think it's necessary to implement (yet).

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My first thought was that I tend to agree with those who are for "Disagree" without necessarily tallying. However, after some reflection, it seems to me that if someone wants to "disagree" without giving their reasons or entering into conversation then it really amounts to "dislike."