Demaryius Thomas: The heart of a legend


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Pretty good watch. We were blessed that he played on the Flats. Surprised that CG and PJ didn't have speaking segments and that they didn't mention the scholarship that Peyton endowed in his memory. But it was primarily a Broncos production so i understand.

And after the documentary I looked and he is not yet in the GT HoF. I suspect that he will be in next year, class of 2023, and I am not gonna miss the HoF game for anything. (The class will be announced in February). Being a South GA kid myself (and possible opponent on the hardwood my senior his freshman year) a lot of talent down here that never makes it out of the county. He had the determination and the smarts that are rare. Should be seen as an inspiration to all walks of life.

His autograph is the only one I've gotten JSA authenticated but I'll never part with it.

DT88 was a GT Man through and through.


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VALENTI HAS BEEN the Broncos' equipment manager for as long as anybody in the building can remember -- 26 years officially. He's cared for thousands of jerseys over the years, making them like new again every week. To him, numbers are memories, symbols of lives lived, careers made. John Elway's No. 7, Terrell Davis' No. 30, Champ Bailey's No. 24, "some of them, a few, there is that one person that will always jump to the front of your mind when you see it.'' "And 88?'' Valenti said of Thomas. "Him, always. Always.''


Helluva Engineer
The story of him going from baseball to fball was an amazing happening .The plays he made "saved " us at times. So Not only for GT fball but also for Coach J was he an unexpected blessing.