DeMarco Cox


Helluva Engineer
I hope I am wrong, but the remaining guys on this team are not very good. Not by ACC standards. And any idea that we are improved is wishful thinking. We lost Golden, who was clearly our "go to" guy in almost every clutch situation. We lost all three of our bigs. We lost more subs who played a lot (combined 38 mpg). Of our returning players, MGH is the only one with demonstrated ability to compete. Bolden has some ability, but doesn't always get 100% of himself to the gym. Heyward refuses to score. Stephens might be a decent player with 20-30 more pounds on his body, but is unable, at this weight, to play either the 3 or 4. No one else on our team has any minutes in the ACC.

Of the newcomers, including Jorgenson, I am hopeful. Sampson and Jorgenson and Cox may give us some good minutes. But any idea this trio is better than the starters we lost is, well, silly. Jackson and Lammers are freshmen. Jackson could be the surprise. If so, maybe we won't have to have heroism from Bolden or Jorgenson. Heath shoujld be a good sub, but DO not expect much more.

The bottom line is that we have a "Piketty size" book of questions and a "UNC term paper size" list of answers. Remember, we won six ACC games last year.

That about sums it up.We (and Gregory) are in BIG trouble. Even if these new guys are talented ,there still is the problem of VERY little ACC exp and almost none playing TOGETHER.
If you like last yrs' offensive production ,you are going to LOVE this one. We may have a bunch of 40's.