Damon Mitchell gets moved in 1st Spring Practice


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What a quote

“To say that he has embraced a position change would probably not be correct,” Bielema said. “I think he’s very adamant about playing quarterback. We’d let him stay there. I told him he could stay at quarterback if he wanted to. Again, I encouraged him to try wide receiver for two weeks and see where it goes.” -


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Would have been a STUD in this offense. Super physical, great speed, and the way defenses have to play us, he would be a much better passer in our system than most other systems. Not as quick in short space as JT, but definitely an explosive first step that Vad didn't have. Gets up to speed quick.

Oh well, another casualty of being able to read through the recruiting BS coaches tell recruits just to get them to sign.
Kid was scared of competing with Vad and got sold a bag of BS by Arky. Now Vad is gone and he'd be competing for a starting QB job if he'd come to GT.

Well, it is difficult to tell a high school star, and QB at that, that he is not going to be the best when he gets on campus. He was prolly the best on every team he's played on since he was 10 years old. In other news, heard on the radio just this morning, if you were looking at the SEC west you'd have to say Arkansas is last right now, even below Miss. State, and an honest evaluation of rosters would indicate they will be seventh for several more years.