Interview D.J. White #28 Cornerback


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D.J. White #28 Cornerback
[figcap]D.J. White #28 CB[/figcap][/float_left]Q: How's it going?
A: Everything is great, life is good.

Q: You closed out last year pretty strong with a good showing in the Music City Bowl. How's your offseason been and what have you improved on?
A: I feel like I've been improving on my game as a whole, up in the press and defending deep. Still some improvements to be made and still working hard.

Q: How far along are you guys in learning the 4-2-5?
[figcap]D.J. White smiles at the camera[/figcap][/float_right]
A: It's great. A lot of the things you do in the 4-2-5 are similar to the 4-3. Same concepts except you have another DB. Replacing the LB the DB has coverage concepts he has to learn. We're getting along pretty good.

Q: Who is looking good so far in the defensive backfield?
A: It's hard to choose because everybody is getting better and making plays. From a cornerback perspective I really like how our young guys are doing. Everybody is playing well. The young guys in the offseason like Step Durham have been coming on strong. I'm excited about the group.

Q: Are you going to have any role in special teams?
A: I hope so. I'm trying out for that right now. Hopefully the coaches will give me a shot at returning. We'll see what happens. Whatever they ask me to do I'm going to do full speed.

Q: What are your expectations for your performance this year?
A: I'm a very high expectations guy. I see myself personally being one of the top defensive backs in the country. That's what I'm shooting for and that's my goal. Hopefully I can develop the other guys along with me.
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