D did nothing to help the O today


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Starting field position was a killer last year and it's even worse this year. In our first 4 possessions of the first half, our average starting field position was our own 23. Our final drive started on the 50 after an outstanding kick return. I guess you can thank the D on that because they gave the 90 yard td that made Wofford kickoff.

It wasn't much better in the second half. The first 3 possesions averaged starting on our own 26. The last two drives, after the game was iced, we started on our 46 and the 50.

It is so much harder to score when you have to go the length of the field every dadgum possession. The D needs to help the O a little if we want to win ball games. The playbook opens up a lot more when you get outside the shadow of your own goal posts, oh, and you don't have as far to go to score.

That said, we weren't clicking on O in the first half, either. Defensive stops do more than create favorable field position, they create momentum and confidence for your O. Constantly giving up 1st downs and starting in a hole creates the opposite, pressure and tightness.


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KO return needs work. Stated in another thread that we'd have been better taking a knee when the ball was kicked into the end zone (granted hind sight is easy to do.)


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One or two very good individual games on D, Rook-Rod and Gamble did very well for 1st time starters, gotta get better at the back 7, that surprised me in a bad way


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What kills me is when people come away from todays game complaining about the offense...The defense is the unit that looked concerning to me.

I agree. Don't get this obsession with the O. But it's par for the course, I suppose.