CPJ talks Ole Miss


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I hope that Devine has gotten on a more regulated/controlled diet plan that TJ Barnes was ever able to committ to. We were constantly battling his weight, mobility, and endurance issues. I think this prevented him from living up to his potential because this was a HUGE distraction. Plus so many of us are aware of how this stunted/haunted Jonathan Dwyer's late in his career and impacts him now at a professional level.
These kids are asked to play a delicate balancing act of muscle/weight gain in proper order and having access to large amounts of food. It's more complicated than just enhaling buffets and packing on 50 lbs of BAD weight vs. putting on 35 lbs of muscle and improving speed/flexibility. If anyone has any personal experience with this from having played college football, college sports, or at a higher level as a professional please give us a glimpse of what it is like.
Sorry about Bailey. But he gets his degree this spring and leaves a big winner with that degree.

Great news on Devine. That would put him in the 320 range weight wise. Close to an ideal playing weight.

And the weight gain by Akins gives us another large DT/NT to add to that list of players coming in next season and reduces the need to recruit at those two positions.

Do I detect the "wheel of fortune" turning in the right direction?

Devine reported at about 385-390 lbs, so even after losing 35 pounds, he needs to lose another 35 pounds.

Devine might have Dennis Scott-syndrome, he played B-Ball at GT and the only time he got into to really good shape was when he was leaving for the NBA, he came in that season slim and was drafted in the Top-4 that year.

Devine was a 4* Recruit at one point, but was woefully out of shape his Sr. year and just didn't work very hard, once he knew he had his GT scholly, he really "coasted" his Sr. year, one or more of the Recruiting services dropped Devine to a 3* based on his Sr. year decline.

Sometimes I wish GT was more like Bama, in that if players try to pull that mess with Saban, someone else will have their scholly, Saban knows how to keep his players in top shape most of the time.


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nah we have a pure pass rusher problem. and we have a youth issue. but we dont have a big body issue. if i had to choose my weakness you cant compensate for size in scheme but you can in pure pass rusher or even youth. roof will need to complicate his d a tad with a few more blitzes and zone schemes. i would not be against starting 2 big sde types and 2 dts with bring backers or zone dogging more if those 4 on the dl are better than hunting for another derrick morgan or mike johnson.

it took 6 years but i finally like our bodies although young, on the dl

but we missed on pass rushers.
Which is why I think the GT coaching staff is going hard after Kendarius Whitehead. Sounds like he's a guy who can help us immediately in the pass rushing department.