CPJ notes from Wednesday


Helluva Engineer
Yeah Boom Boom, IIRC the word was the players too felt like SD should be playing BB as well. Johnson said he'd been thinking about it "for awhile now". The other day I was thinking about why SD stayed at AB for so long when it seemed clear (to me and many others) he is a more natural BB.

What I concluded was that blocking from the AB position other than Godhigh had been a problem and SD's ability blocking on the edge was very much needed. Meanwhile in Sims and Laskey we had experienced depth at BB. Now it seems like we have a ton of experienced depth at AB and the blocking from that depth is improved. Much like the blocking really came together for Peeples his senior year it seems like Zenon, Bostic, & Perk are getting it down.

SD can get moved to BB without hurting the perimeter game, and an experienced WR corps makes the edge blocking that much more dependable. As others have pointed out Days' blocking can also be an assett at BB to augment the one area where Zach has struggled some.

The potential fly in the ointment is ball security. However I wonder if Synjyn hasn't put that behind him. Particularly since he's no longer at QB where there's a lot of ball handling & decision making to distract. At BB you make decisions pre-snap so it's easier to focus on keeping the rock safe. Anyway if it is a problem I think you'll just see more of Conners.