Congrats to Harrison Butker


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Sugiura: Harrison Butker describes ‘one of the biggest moments of my life’
“I was focusing in on free agency,” he said. “I thought getting drafted was out of the question.”

Finally, the phone rang for the former Georgia Tech kicker. Carolina Panthers special-teams coordinator Thomas McGaughey was on the other end. The next thing he knew, McGaughey passed along the phone to a Panthers official who told him that the pick wouldn’t be broadcast on television for a few minutes, Butker said, but that he was going to be a Panther.

“That’s when the tears came down,” Butker said.


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Glad I get to have another Yellow Jacket to watch. They cut Stephen Hill although I did get to see him on the field a few times. Hope he can find some action this year. I should be able to make a couple panther games this year.

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What does arm length or hand size have to do with how well he can kick a ball?


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this guy is a legend along with Manget and Sisson. It's rare to get drafted as a kicker so the pros must see something really special in him. There was a stretch of years not that long ago whereas we might have one another game or 2 per year if we could have consistently kicked a touchback like HB did on almost every kickoff. Seems like every team started possession on the 40 yl during this time. Was that the latter CCG years? or early CPJ era? the perhaps Pepper Rogers era? CB***L**** tenure? Or did I dream this??
I'm pretty sure that until late in Butker's sophomore year no GT opponent ever set foot in their own end zone. I began to think that just giving them the ball at the 40 would be better. But the strength and length he added over his career at Tech was remarkable, and though I couldn't see much from TV my impression was he was getting a lot more lift. I wish him the best and hope the first person he meets in a Georgia player.