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1. Why are you arguing this point?
2. Why are you the ONLY one arguing this point?
Even calling the father of a current player and the guy who runs and started this site a liar.
3. Why are you the only person apparently privy to this information that your can't prove or verify,"Saban would have accepted JT's LOI as a DB/WR/KR, Saban was not going to accept JT's LOI as a QB."??
What's your angle here?

My angle is to simply talk about sports in way that is honest and fair instead of massaging the facts to make us feel better about our FB program.

Just tell the truth and let the chips fall where they may.
The point of my story is that, as GTJason said, the LOI is signed to a school, not a position. This is my opinion based on what I have inferred from the various pieces of information provided in the medial.
This is immaterial to the discussion.

HCs have to manage their roster and their depth chart.

It is not as simplistic as saying that the LOI is signed to the school.

The reality is that HCs have to manage their rosters and depth charts so when a player does sign a LOI, in most cases he is signing at a certain position, unless the HC tells that recruit up front he will be an Athlete and try multiple positions.

Why is it important that we flipped JT from Bama, is it important or is it for our own egos?


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is it important or is it for our own egos?
And ... it doesn't really matter.

Locking this thread.

Edit: I locked this thread so that I could review it and clean it up a bit before it exploded out of control. However, it looks like everyone's had their say in this thread so I'm keeping this thread locked as I don't see it going anywhere except the same thing being regurgitated over and over again. Thanks for your understanding.
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