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Cole Hardin is one tough guy that loves to fight in the trenches. He has around a dozen offers and has been competing hard at some of the camps this year. Georgia Tech offered at the beginning of May and they recently hosted Hardin yesterday.

Who is recruiting you from GT?

“Coach Pelton”

How was the visit?

“I liked the visit a lot! I love the tradition, the offense, and I liked Coach Johnson”

What did your family think of it?

“They were both impressed”

What are your favorite things about GT and how important are the academics at the school you choose?

“The combination of big time football and top notch academics is definitely my favorite part.”

Any other visits lined up?

“I’m going back to Georgia Tech on June 7th.”

Who is your favorite?

“I have no favorites yet.”

When are you going to decide?

“I will probably decide in the fall.”

I have read you have a nasty streak. Is that what you attribute to making you so tough in the trenches?

“I think it is my strength combined with my aggressiveness.”

What is your current HT and Weight?

“I am 6’4 and 293 pounds.”

Any stats in the weight room?

“335 on Bench, 500 on squat, and 280 clean.”

Are you planning on going to any games at GT this fall?


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I really like this prospect, his measureables are solid and when you find an O lineman with a nasty streak it's just a huge bonus! Let's hope Coach Pelton and CPJ can close the deal with him.

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This guy is quickly becoming one of my favorites in this class. I love the aggressive, toughness. Just what GT needs!
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