Coaching and AD carousel, Football Edition


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SEC West Coaches:

Alabma: Nick Saban
LSU: Brian Kelly
Ole Miss: Lane Kiffen
Miss St: Mike Leach
Texas A&M: Jimbo Fisher
Auburn: Brian Hairsin
Arkansas: Sam Pittman
This list just makes me realize that it won’t be too long before SEC and B1G swallow up the remaining desirable schools from the ACC (Clemson, Notre Dame, UNC, Miami, FSU) and the PAC 12 (USC, UCLA, Washington, Oregon, Stanford) and leave everyone else out high and dry.

Brian Harsin will be making nearly $10M less than the highest paid coach in his own division! We can’t compete in that environment, and neither will a ton of other schools. Auburn has played for multiple and won a national championship in the last 15 years. They’ve been to the Final Four and the College World Series in the past 5 years, and their football coach will be making chump change next to their division and cross-conference rivals. The direction college football is moving in will be bleak for the vast majority of programs.

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Well, at least he left ND in good shape for the next guy 😕


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It looks like some pieces are getting put into place, but Clemson may be looking for a DC.

Venables might coach in the B12 for a couple of seasons before the SEC move:

The dominoes keep on toppling, though—he wants Ole Miss’s OC:

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