Closed Scrimmage Saturday


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Here's some audio for those like me that listen to this stuff:

One very good, on-going battle in camp has been a between cornerback Louis Young and wideout Darren Waller. The two tangled twice Wednesday, with Young breaking up a potential touchdown pass in the end zone, but Waller answering back for a key catch later.

Lynn Griffin lowered the boom for another solid hit as the redshirt freshman safety continues to make his presence felt in camp. Senior cornerback Jemea Thomas had a pair of well-timed pass breakups during the team period.

The offense had its moments, highlighted by a picture-perfect fade route from Vad Lee to Travin Henry. The redshirt freshman receiver reeled in the Lee pass for a 28-yard touchdown catch in the back corner of the end zone on third-and-8 during the team period.
Who says we don't practice passing? :cool:
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