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Clean, Old-Fashioned Hate moved to the start of the season to help even out depth and attrition issu

Discussion in 'Georgia Tech Football' started by snocap1, May 20, 2013.

  1. snocap1

    snocap1 Georgia Tech Fan

    Clean, Old-Fashioned Hate moved to the start of the season to help even out depth and attrition issues?

    It would help even the playing field so to speak
    It would eliminate the depth and attrition issues tech seems to have because every team every year starts with a clean slate

    It would be a very exciting start to the season and energize the tech fan base
    It would be a break from tradition, but sometimes in college football traditions need to be broken. I hate Georgia with every fiber in my soul and I would love nothing better than to start the year by giving them some pain.

    as I stated I believe by starting the year with georgia it would even the playing field and bring passion back to the series for both teams.


    Lenny Land
  2. GTJason

    GTJason Helluva Engineer

    The only way this would help is in the fact that a few UGA players will be suspended for the first game of the season. The problem I have with this is we can't beat them when they have injuries from a gauntlet of SEC play (never mind their SEC schedule has been soft.) I seriously doubt our abilities to beat them with a healthy team, and a full summer to prep for us. Either way we need to start winning this game more often than just one out of ten.
  3. Gojackets55

    Gojackets55 Banned

    This guy has so many ideas for Tech haha
  4. JazzyD95

    JazzyD95 Helluva Engineer

    They do have half the team suspended for the opener usually. That would help
  5. Ramblinwreck7

    Ramblinwreck7 Jolly Good Fellow

    +1 I would support this change. It would also allow our fan base the ability to actually focus and celebrate winning our conference.
  6. IronJacket7

    IronJacket7 Helluva Engineer

    i think we should find a better method to try to beat UGA other than changing when we play them...

    how about we do a better job recruiting, coaching, playing, etc...
  7. jchens_GT

    jchens_GT Helluva Engineer

    Wasn't this idea tossed around for the Chick-Fil-A season opener a couple of years ago?
  8. Gojackets55

    Gojackets55 Banned

    So what you're saying is...we would have a better record aganist ugay in the last decade if we played them the first game of the season? I'm pretty sure if we lost game number one to them all hope would be lost as a fan base, and until we can beat them every few year and win a couple in a row they will continue to dominate us in recruiting.
  9. Blumpkin Souffle

    Blumpkin Souffle Bidly Biddington III

  10. daBuzz

    daBuzz Helluva Engineer

    I'm not sure how losing at the beginning of the season makes the season any worse than losing at the end of the season? That argument seems quite a bit of a stretch.
  11. Gojackets55

    Gojackets55 Banned

    Because when we were having a ****ty season last year all Tech fans had to look forawrd to was a slight chance we might upset the mutts. No compare a season like last years except we get beat 50-0 at the start of the season. What game are we going to fall back on? Ohh yayy atleast we get a chance to beat Duke.
  12. Bigb

    Bigb Helluva Engineer


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