Class of 2020 - Commitments & Draft


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Might have a 2020 GT vs 2021 GT in the 18U WWBA playoffs/finals.
Both East Cobb Astro's teams are kicking butt and taking names.

The 17U EC Astros has 6 GT commits (5 2021 and 1 2020) on it and went 5-0 with 61 runs scored and 5 against.
The 18U EC Astros has 3 GT commits (John Anderson, Brad and Marquis) and is 4-0 and playing right now

18U looks to #1 seed if they win and give up less than 4.
17U looks to be #2 seed.

If you're in town or nearby would be great baseball to watch at EC in Marietta.
Bracket Play
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