Blogging Thoughts on 2013 and 2014 Camps and Conclusions

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Good analysis, BG. Let me add one thing. In the nearly 50 years I've followed Tech, we have always had a hole somewhere in the defense. Remember when Smith and Fox were true freshmen, we were holding our breath about LB. In 1990, we were starting Rudolph, a converted OL at DT, and Marlon Williams, an undersized RS Frosh at DE. We, and almost all other teams, will be holding our breath at certain positions. Most years we will be disappointed, but some years coaching, luck, and ability will come together. I get excited at the prospect each year. We are bigger and more athletic on D than usual, and that increases the chances. Roof is going to get us there. I didn't think so when he was hired, but I do now.
Yes, that was good analysis. So I think we all agree that Tech usually has to compensate somewhere on its defense for a weak spot. I like the idea that it is the overall athleticism this year that may allow us to "cheat more" and get away with it. It certainly will become situational in games. If we are nursing a lead late in a game CTR will be more likely to play it straight up and make the other team drive the length of the field without making a mistake. Gambling stunts will be used but will be used based on the cost benefit at that point in the game.


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Real nice write up Longestday. Thanks for the reflection on last year and comparison to this year.

Can hardly wait to get the season started.

As with most fans with most teams my concerns revolve around injuries and being able to keep enough healthy bodies able to play well. Good news is that coming out of camp there aren't any major injuries.