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  1. alaguy

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    Best Performance vs my expectation
    1.Godhigh ( bravura performance)2. Smelter(a blessing from the skies or Shaq (a diamond in the mud)
    Worst vs expectation
    1. the Oline (this was to be THE yr) 2.Vad(too much expectation and see #1)

    Best vs my expectation
    1.JemeaT or JAtt(both WARRIORS) 2.Gotsis (a soph playing like Sr at times)
    worst vs expectation
    1. young ( big letdown as a SR)2 young (wasn't even close)3.JHD (from potential nfl to 2nd string at times)
  2. Nook Su Kow

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    Agree with every point here. Adam Gaddis was a nice brightspot, wish we had
  3. Nook Su Kow

    Nook Su Kow Helluva Engineer

    more guys like him.
  4. GTrob21

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    Offense: Awards
    1) Robbie G, No brainer here
    2) Smelter, single handedly saved our WR core this year
    3) Summers, in my opinion, blocked very well
    4) 2nd string OL, some of these guys, braun in particular, got thrust into starting roles but I thought they did reasonable well

    Offense: Disappointment
    1) Bailey, sorry I know he was hurt, but that is why in my book he is such a disappointment this year
    2) Waller, expected more from him
    3) Bostic: I feel like he takes bad angels and is a liability for us when he is on the field
    4) Vad: Yes he was probably built up too high, but I thought we would see a much better runner than what we got.

    Defense: Awards
    1) Gotsis: played great, every time I watched him on film, the opposing teams were having to double team him or they were running away from him.
    2) Sneezy: Huge production year for him
    3) Jamea: A gamer, pure and simple
    4) Nealy, Watts: I know some people may differ, but I thought both of these guys played well for us this year.
    5) DJ white: I thought his young man matured and played with heart

    Defense: Disappointments
    1) Young: smh
    2) JHD: thought he wasn't playing up to ability at the beginning of the year, but after he was sat down in favor of Harrell, I saw a different JHD.

    Bottom line: I think we will be better next year than we were/are this year.
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  5. dressedcheeseside

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    I'm surprised PJ Davis hasn't been mentioned.
  6. bat_082994

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    MVP: Godhigh (duh). Honorable Mention: DeAndre Smelter
    Best pure rushing: David Sims. This guy almost always fell forward. I don't know how many yards he ended up with but he still wins this for me. Honorable Mention: Zach Laskey
    Best pure receiving: DeAndre Smelter. As someone said earlier, single handily sacred our receiving corps. Honorable mention: Micheal Summers
    Most disappointing: OL. Really thought they took some steps at the end of th season. Honorable mentions: Darren Waller and Vad Lee
    Biggest surprise: DeAndre Smelter. See above. Honorable Mention: David Sims

    MVP: Attaochu. 12 sacks. 'Nuff said. Honorable mention: Jemea Thomas
    Best DL: Attaochu. He anchored the DL and again, 12 sacks. Honorable mention: Adam Gotsis
    Best LB: Brandon Watts. I said earlier in the season that GT should try Watts out at SS. His athleticism and headhunter mentality gets him this. Honorable mentiob: PJ Davis
    Best DB: Jemea Thomas. No surprise here. Honorable mention: DJ White.
    Biggest disappointment: JHD. he was dreadful until he got benched in favor of Anthony Harrell. Honorable mention: Lou Young
    Biggest surprise: PJ Davis. Aka Julian Burnett reincarnated. Honorable mention: DJ White
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