Alvin Kamara transfer... (@A_kamara6)


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Nesbitt, Dwyer, Allen, and Roddy Jones say Hello. 2 of those guys played in the NFL. Nesbitt hung around the practice squad for 2 years also. CPJ inherited a great cast for his system. Especially when you add in Bebe Thomas.

That being said, I would love to see Kamara, Autry, Custis, and Thomas attempt to surprass the 2008-2010 crew.
Also, we would have CJ, Dennis Andrews, and Clinton as subs off the bench. We would be deep.


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I'm not. Petrino can coach and who knows what we have going on by the time he gets here


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I dont totally get this. Alabama has had a ton of SAs leave after three years to draft too. Making them obviously needing to sign more over five years than most schools. Its attrition but not a bad type, like being pushed out. Its the success of many kids in their program. I bet if you look at it your forty number goes way down if you count the juniors, rs juniors that went to the draft over that span.
True you can't fault them for players leaving for NFL but here's a source showing they processed out 21 guys in 2010 and 2011. I didn't check for accuracy.