AJC Articles...behind paywall. Why use them?


Helluva Engineer
North Shore, Chicago
Pretty much every AJC article is readable for free from the free AJC phone app. Any time someone posts an AJC article here that I can’t access without paying, I just open up the app and read the article there. Also, a work around to get past most online article pay walls is to load the page fully, then press the refresh page button in your browser, and then press the stop loading button as soon as the article text appears. Most paywalls load after the article loads, so if you stop the page loading early, the paywall will never pop up. This can take several attempts, especially if you have a super fast internet connection, but if works for me the vast majority of the time as long as the site doesn’t have a more advanced pay wall system.
Phone app doesn't work anymore for me (it did for a while). Never thought about the loading option.