"Aaron Murray should be the #1 pick in the NFL draft...


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Vad's low YPC is a product of the system. If someone is gonna have a negative play it's gonna be the QB or the AB, but the ABs have an easier chance to make that yardage back. If you're a pocket style QB, it's a lot easier to consistently pick up 5-15 yards on a QB scramble when the defense isn't expecting it compared to the designed run of an option QB. If you take out Vad's negative yards, he averages 3.74 yards/attempt rather than 2.8. DS only had 1 negative yard. I'm not saying Murray is slow, but he's by far not as mobile as Russell Wilson.


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IIRC Murray did a good bit of scrambling as an underclassman. Mark Richt reeled him in and forced him to be a sitting duck in the pocket. I know he broke alot of records in college but I believe thats a product of the offense UGA runs. Murray is a 4th round pick without injury, UDFA after injury IMO.

1.Blake Bortles is the best pro prospect at QB. All the others wont translate as easily to the NFL.
2. Size matters(or atleast thats what most women say). There's always exceptions to the rule, but for the most part, you need the measureables to make an impact in the NFL.
3. Im not sure if some athletes are just more apt to get reinjured than others that have a clean health record. Ive always heard once they are fully recovered, they are sometimes stronger than before. I guess position/injury needs to be taken into acct.
4. Jake Matthews should go #1, but JC is a talent that only comes along once every decade. Work ethic being in question... Im not sure I risk a #1 on him unless u r a DE away from being a contender which HOU is not.