A&M Learnings


Helluva Engineer
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Their are some learnings against A&M.

First, still no pass protection. Our passes need to be designed for less than 3 seconds, force rushers to go outside, and have the QB step up. Perhaps bootleg passes would help.

Vad heads for the inside and JT heads for the outside on the midline. I prefer the JT route.
JT reads the TO better, but still needs Vad's "experience/wisdom" on pitch.
Byerly stepped up into the pocket the best. JT and Vad tend to break to the outside.
We tend to do better when long passes are short versus long.

Defenses who read the guards do better in not falling for AB/QB motion. Even A&M did not "fall" for counter plays. I wonder what CPJ does when the LB follows the guards.
Defenses who play the MLB to close get blocked. 7 to 8 yards deep and we cannot block them. 5 yards and our OL is all over them.