A Look Into Our Opponent


Jolly Good Fellow
Its cute they think they actually have a chance. They lost to a garbage Nc state team so they think they are good. Lost not won. They got that little man syndrome. Cant wait to beat that ***


Jolly Good Fellow
That is for sure....
"their QB is only a So. and their BB is no Swope. I think their Defense is pretty weak. Gotsis is the best DL they have, their LBs seem mediocre, and their secondary is probably where they have the most experience"
"Tech is not as good as N.C. State."
"Tech on the other hand, seems to have taken a step back from last year."
"Yep. I hope we whip them just because of their dumbass fans"
"I'd say Tech is just slightly better than NC State. But yeah, Tulane was actually leading Tech at the half and rather than Tech rallying, Tulane just fell apart and gave Tech the game."

"Tech may have a tad more depth, but we have just as much, if not more, talent, heart, and passion"
"People wonder why GTs defense has been so bad. Maybe it's because their players aren't paying attention to film"
"Unnecessary Cockiness I and II are requirements for graduation at GT. No need to ask if someone went to Tech. If they did, they'll tell you."
"GT graduates receive a laminated wallet-sized copy of their diploma, presumably to show off to others."
"We going to put some lamination on them this weekend!"
"it comes from spending your teenage years locked in mom and dads basement playing dungeons and dragons and being the last guy picked in dodgeball and the first one out in dodgeball. it is called an inferiority complex that is masked as arrogance."
"We can go up there and possibly embarrasses them"
"the QB is one heck of an athlete, but he panics under pressure and that has led to a lot of bad pitches and a case of the fumbles"
"They worry me about as much as NCSU did and we all know how that (should’ve) went."
"I'm picking us to dazzle them. I know one thing, the kids and coaches arnt in awe and neither am I. This team can beat GT and imo, soundly."

The comparisons to NC State crack me up. I guess all ACC teams look alike to them.

Should I dig up one of my laminated diplomas so I can show it to the Southern fans at the game? At least they could be right about something.