3–3–5 defense at tech?


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3–3–5 defense at tech eams that run the 3-3-5 generally use it because they are a relatively fast but smaller unit compared to the opposing offense, and they want to cause blocking assignment issues for that offense. Also, a 3-3-5 can be adjusted to a 4-3, 3-4, or 4-4 defense with the same starting players.we have great depth and speed in the secondary, and it would get players with speed on the field and create more angles for blitzing, and as we all know recruiting the nose guard type of player to tech can prove difficult. I know coach roof is installing his defense this was just an idea any thoughts?


Lenny Land


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Heck to the "No", i still shudder every time I hear somebody say the word "Wolf" after Wommack's failed experiment. I don't think roof is going to go to a scheme he really has no expertise in either. He ran a 4-3 at Tech, ran a 4-3 at Auburn and ran a 4-3 at Penn State. I am ALL for having a standard 4-3 defense actually, especially here at Tech. I am of the opinion that the 3-4 scheme is the best defense you can have, but to make that work you need a war daddy sitting at NG and a big boy LB that can take on some OG's and It also helps to have corners who are 6'1 and almost 200 pounds who can fly. I simply don't think the Institute could recruit the personel necessary to run that scheme, like Alabama or even UGA can.

My vote is for the 4-3!


I understand why some people think this is a good idea, bc those hybrid safety spots give you another place to put those athletes that you recruit to be qb's and a-backs and small linebackers and such that don't work out, but i think they should stick with something basic.