2022 Game Time Announcements


Mello Yellow-Jacket
Yep, I've also been waiting on what game is HC as we had been planning a reunion of sorts.
Duke game is official, Buzzbomb?
Yes Sir, it is official.
Believe it was in a ramblinwreck.com article from yesterday or the day before.
Or I read it from some reputable site.


Ramblin' Wreck
Moved to lake oconee from Marietta several months ago.
Late Night drive after late game May limit attending all night games unless I can find someone to go with me .
There’s lots of hotels up and down the Marta line. Do yourself a favor- book a hotel for $150, round trip Marta is $5. You can drink before, during and after the game & not have to worry about driving late at night with too much residual beer in the belly. Wake up Sunday morning, take in a good Atlanta breakfast or brunch and go home when you’re damn well ready.