2015 Draftees


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Not an IJ fan (I see he still hasn't learned how to tackle), but I think we are selling him short from the standpoint of what is hot in the NFL. Tall, rangy safeties are a hot commodity and if he can improve then I think his name will be called in the mid-rounds


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A good showing at the combine can surprise. It seems many teams will draft in the lower rounds based on measurables.
I love Golden, but he doesn't have a body of work at DB to be seriously considered as an early entry to the draft. I don't foresee Gotsis leaving early, either, although by the time he's finished here he could make an amazing prospect at 3-4 DE. Don't sell Nealy short. He can play against the run and pass. He could end up as a 2nd rounder with a great season, especially if he's one of only two LBs on the field at a time next year (lots of plays). Smelter could have a Bey-Bey type season next year, and with his size and propensity for devastating blocks, I can see teams hoping he'll be just like DT, and take him late in the first round.
I think Gotsis stays and gets his degree. Nealy is one of those hardworkers who could stick on a roster, play special teams for a couple of years and learn the craft as a professional. Heard Eddie George explaining the pro game: you have to work and grind and fight and pray EVERY DAY to make a roster and to stay on the roster. EVERY DAY, with everything you've got, never taking a moment off. Nealy impresses me as that kind of grinder.


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All i see right now is smelter and i johnson is a possibility as well. Mason to me is a good college player but not a draft pick. Waller udfa. Gotsis and golden stay one more year.

Nealy i am not sure yet. This year may determine it.

Really i see 2 draft picks next year. Maybe 3 but i think its 2 between johnson smelter and nealy. Now if gotsis comes out that would be 3 or 4. But i think he stays.

I am just not high on masons translation to the nfl. Waller is way less productive than hill and hills lack of success in the nfl will kill waller even if he is a workout warrior.


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Hmm...some people on here are seeing a different I Johnson than I saw when he was playing.

The guy has the prototypical size NFL GMs and coaches love for a safety, but that's it. He doesn't have the range, takes bad angles, isn't a sure tackler, and doesn't read the game particularly well. Plus he's coming off an injury and a year away from the game. Maybe it's because he was playing for Groh and CAG's scheme made everyone look bad but that's what IJ has on tape right now. Maybe he improves several levels under Roof...I hope so.

Remember, he's being compared against other draft eligible safeties who also have the same size...but have better range, are better tacklers, reads the game better, and plays for DCs who put them in better position to make plays (this could change under Roof). There were 18 total safeties picked in the 2014 draft...that's SS and FS. So roughly 9 for each safety position.


The question is, is IJ one of the top 15-20 safeties in the land?


CBS ranks him the #23 SS (or in the top 40ish for all safety positions) in the country for the 2015 draft...which puts him in the UDFA territory. Obviously draft stock can change depending on performance this season. But as of right now, it's tough to say he's a legit draft prospect. Remember, as good as Morgan Burnett was for us, and he was VERY good, he was a 3rd rounder.

Surprisingly, our highest rated prospect on the team is Shaq Mason rate as the #8 OG in the nation for 2015 (same source).

Those rankings really don't mean that much (if at all) so take it with a grain of salt...but still gives you an idea of what players for each position is out there.