Justin Thomas #5 QB

Q: How was practice today?
A: It was good. We got better than yesterday.

Q: Justin, what was your focus this offseason? Obviously it looks like you've gotten a little bigger; what else have you been working on in addition to that?
A: Like you said, I've been trying to get in the weight room to put some more weight on. Just working with guys [on the field] to make sure we're on the same page.

Q: What can you tell us about the offensive line so far?
A: First thing off the bat we have a lot of depth - more depth than we've had in a while. Right now we're really getting the young guys to know what they're doing.

Q: What are your personal goals this year?
A: Just to be successful. Go out there and play as hard as I can every game and try to come out on the right end.

Isaiah Johnson #1 S

Q: Did you get a chance to read the recent ESPN article that came out?
A: Somebody sent it to me but I just try not to pay attention to the media too much.

Q: As one of the leaders of the defense, is there anything that you are doing differently in practices?
A: Just trying to lead by example as well as teach and relay any type of message that I've learned from past experiences to others and being more vocal.

Q: Some fans are saying that you're going to have 20 interceptions this season, is that true?
A: [Laughs] We will see! It will be more than the past, I can tell you that!

Q: Even though you were injured and unable to play last season, what do you think about Coach Roof's approach to coaching?
A: I love it! Since day one, [Coach Roof] has been working with us on the little things. I feel like, at this point just from watching other teams, everyone has pretty much the same plays but it really comes down to the coaching and teaching the fundamentals and the little things that count. Coach Roof focuses on the little things like where is your eye placement and where is your alignment; I appreciate that.

Q: Are there any younger players that caught your eye so far? Any sleepers?
A: I really like the [Austin] twins, the incoming freshmen. Starting from the summer time when we were doing our 7-on-7s, I was blown away by how ready they are already. It seems like they've been here for a while. They are still learning but I think they will be big time.

Q: Every year the media has low expectations from Georgia Tech and every year GT exceeds those expectations, will it be the same this year?
A: Of course! But we ignore that and know what we have to do. We haven't met up to our own expectations in the past so we have to put that behind us, make progress, and play to the best of our ability.